Sublime Text 3 Minimap viewport

The new version Sublime Text 3 is awesome! However, there is one small change that makes negative expression – minimap doesn’t show the current position in the document:
Sublime Text 3 Minimap viewport is disabled

It’s very inconvenient. But fortunately, a problem can be easily resolved by changing preferences. Steps to re-enable minimap viewport:

  1. Open user preferences: Preferences → Settings – User.
  2. Add a line between braces: "always_show_minimap_viewport": true
  3. Save preferences. That’s it!

After changing this setting minimap works as in previous version of the editor:
Good luck and happy coding! ;)

6 thoughts on “Sublime Text 3 Minimap viewport

  1. Showing position on the minimap was my first and primary annoyance. Looking for a solution how I found this post. I hope they change the default.

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