Essential addons for Visual Studio 2017

Here is my updated list of the essential Visual Studio 2017 addons for a comfort productive work. Here is the link to the previous list.

  1. JetBrains ReSharper [paid]
    Despite the fact that the new Visual Studio has some additional refactoring and analyzing features, ReSharper still is a must-have addon that can do much more than IDE itself. From my point of you, it’s intellisense enhancement, navigation and coding assistant features are the best. As for useful extensions for ReSharper: Enhanced Tooltip and ReSpeller Free are good enough to install and use them.
  2. Web Essentials [free]
    A large pack of useful addons for the Web development.
  3. XAML Styler [free]
    Automatically reformats the XAML file on saving and simplifies working with XAML files in a team.
  4. Productivity Power Tools 2017 [free]
    Provides a great enhancement to the document tabs allowing placing them vertically and coloring them depends on projects. Additionally, there are some useful features and context commands.
  5. Editor Guidelines [free]
    Adds guidelines to the code editor. Previously it was a part of Productivity Power Tools.
  6. VSColorOutput [free]
    Colorizes text in the output window that makes reading much easier. Also allows build stopping on the first error.
  7. Highlight all occurrences of selected word [free]
    Highlights all occurrences of a selected word in the document and displays a mark on the left margin.
  8. GhostDoc [free]
    A handy extensions for quick and smart generation of XML documentation.

Unfortunately, Configuration Transform is not yet available for the new Visual Studio 2017.

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