WPF Async Pack

WPF Async Pack is a small library for creating asynchronous WPF applications. It’s not a framework, it was created mainly for the small applications where installing heavy frameworks is just overkill. It doesn’t have any dependencies and contains such the most used classes as AsyncCommand and BaseViewModel.

The library can be installed through the NuGet:

PM> Install-Package WpfAsyncPack

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First post

StartFinally, I have created my own blog and this is the first post!

Here I’m planning to post some tutorials, code examples, solutions for common issues, etc. – code snippets and explanations which may be useful to other people. You know, it’s always pleasure for programmer to share some new knowledge and experience ;)

Also I will post about my own open-source tools and explain how they work.

I’m fan of .NET technologies, so the blog’s content will be primary devoted to them.

I hope to make this blog really interesting.